Save hundreds of hours of work each year!

With  menze you can achieve a true omnichannel strategy, connecting Mercado Libre with Zendesk.

You no longer need to access Mercado Libre to reply questions, messages and claims, you can now do it directly from Zendesk, along with emails, chats, Whatsapps, Facebook messages and much more.

And you will do it with the powerful tools that professional customer service management software like Zendesk offers to the largest companies in the world.

With Zendesk +  menze  you will:

Reply questions, messages and claims with all the information at hand

Pictures, stock, SKUs, variants, description and much more!

Centralize all your support channels in a same place.

Mercado Libre, emails, Facebook, chat, even Whatsapp!

Considerably improve your team's efficiency

Distributing the workload among your agents.

Priorize ticket according to channel, waiting time, previous contacts and much more...

Avoid claims reach mediation!

Fully know the statistics of your team.

You will have all performance information about every agent.

Reach a real customer-centric strategy what will improve your sales

Because only those how put their customers first will thrive.

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Only U$D20 per month per agent.

the first 15 days are free!

In addition to your chosen Zendesk plan, from $ 19 per month per additional agent

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