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Experts in ecommerce:
we customize and adapt the platform to your business.
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Zendesk Strategic Partners

As a strategic partner of Zendesk, we implement the platform so you can provide the best customer service to your shoppers, regardless of the channel. Zendesk is the tool that leads the omnichannel experience by providing the best customer service system centralizing channels and buyer information. With our implementation, each agent will optimize their time and provide better support for each sale.

From menze we adapt the platform to the internal processes and workflows of each business. And we offer the possibility of developing integrations to extend its functionality and integrate this platform with other systems.

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Achieve a true omnichannel experience

With Zendesk you will be able to add as many channels as you want and perform any kind of integration needed.

Main functionalities of Zendesk

With this tool you will be able to integrate all channels and answer queries with all customer information and context. It contains the necessary tools to adapt the flows to the needs of each business. Different agent roles can be configured to organize the work according to their rank or specialization, and thus prioritize and resolve tickets more efficiently.

Help centers adaptable to each business, where the frequently asked questions of each company are centralized, making it easier for buyers to solve their problems on their own without contacting the business. This product is synchronized with the Answer Bot, which has Artificial Intelligence integrated to all the main channels.

Through this module you can access detailed reports that show the KPIs that are considered most relevant to your operations in order to make decisions supported by the team's performance data.
You will be able to have an analysis of the performance of the customer service team and a better understanding of how your customers contact the business, on what days, times or channels.

This product is for the live chat that makes it possible to serve customers looking for an immediate solution by connecting them directly with an agent.

With Talk you will be able to receive and answer all your ecommerce phone calls. With a multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system you can direct customers to the correct agent or department and provide recorded answers to frequently asked questions.

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What is our differential?

We are experts in e-commerce, we know your needs, your dynamics, your strengths and where to focus in order not to lose any customer along the way.

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What can implementation include?

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A joint discovery to listen to your objectives and needs.

A training for the whole team to learn how to use Zendesk.

The implementation and configuration of the communication channels that the eShop uses, so that the business can provide the best omnichannel experience to its customers.

Develop all types of integration with other systems tailored to specific needs.

The adaptation of the tool to the needs and internal workflows of each business: the configuration of business rules, SLAs, triggers, view organization, etc.
In other words, the customization of all the functionalities provided by Zendesk to the company's needs.

The configuration of customized reports. 

Zendesk Support

We offer a support service and general administration of the platform, maintaining a fluid relationship with the client, detecting those opportunities for improvement of Zendesk to get the best out of the tool and give it the best use.
First line of support in case of any inconvenience or failure in the platform.

The service includes:

General consulting through periodic usability reviews to first understand the client's needs and propose optimization and best practices.

Monthly support for the creation of new business rules according to new dynamics..

The generation of new reports according to the KPIs that need to be recorded.

Accompaniment with Zendesk support in case your intervention is required in case of any problem.

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